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          Sunac China Holdings Limited

          01918 . HK



            • Procedures for Shareholders to Propose a Personfor Election as a Director

              According to article 85 of the Articles of Association of Company, no person other than a Directorretiring at the meeting shall, unless recommended by the Directors forelection, be eligible for election as a Director at any general meeting unless a written notice signed by a Member (other than the person to be proposed) duly qualified to attend and vote at the meeting for which such notice is given of his intention to propose such person for election and also a written noticesigned by the person tobe proposed of his willingness to be elected shall have been lodged at the head office or at the registration office of the Company provided that the minimum length of the period, during which such written notice(s) are given, shall be at least seven(7) days and that (if the written notices are submitted after the despatch of the notice of the general meeting appointed for such election) the period for lodgment of such written notice(s) shall commence on the day after the despatch of the notice of the general meeting appointed for such election and end no later than seven (7) days prior to the date of such general meeting.